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  • Benjamin Aanes

    Benjamin Aanes

    Data Scientist at Unacast

  • Alan Deschweinitz

    Alan Deschweinitz

  • Ertugrul Bayindir

    Ertugrul Bayindir

  • Filip Deleersnijder

    Filip Deleersnijder

    Passionate about modelling, data analysis, quantitative software and machine learning || Mathematical Engineer || Freelancer

  • Amjad Abu-Rmileh

    Amjad Abu-Rmileh

    Data scientist and machine learning researcher. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amjad-abu-rmileh-ph-d-5b717828/

  • Todd Birchard

    Todd Birchard

    Software engineer with background in Data & Product Management background. Does everything incorrectly before coming to realizations known as best practices.

  • Jon Repp

    Jon Repp

  • Brad Bargen

    Brad Bargen

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